The Scary Attic Storage: In The Thick of It

Well, the moment is now, folks: my husband spent two days emptying the Scary Attic Storage completely. He put ALL of those items on our (formerly) empty back porch – which is where we eat breakfast, drink coffee, and in general, unwind with the beauties of our backyard garden, the waterfall, the flowers, trees and the creatures, furry and feathery, that visit our little haven.

But it doesn’t look like that right now. I came home from a business trip last week to see this:

2014-09-13 14.25.38 2014-09-13 14.25.22 2014-09-13 14.25.16


After having taken an online e-course (which changed my LIFE!) with , I re-read out loud to my wonderfully brave hubby all of the tips and the mentality for sorting through gobs of stuff we’ve managed to keep. He’s brave because he was okay with me posting these photos for all of you readers. He’s a private person, and an only child, so the whole idea of me sharing anything is not typical for him. More on that later.

Well, I can tell you that initially, his estimate was that 90% of it was engineering-related e-waste and documents, books and other things he would need to sort through. Actually, he had managed to box up a bunch of stuff that belonged to me as well. I have been looking for that stuff FOR-EVA! But realizing that I hadn’t used it in months? Years? I managed to take the e-course’s suggestions and donate, recycle, and otherwise dispose of it.

Below is just a sampling of stuff we’re donating from this stack of stuff. I’m so glad he’s kept everything so neatly organized, so I can feel good about donating clothing items (wrapped up properly), books (nearly brand-new, because we take care of our stuff), and well, as for the electrical components, I took a WHOLE TRUCKLOAD to e-waste over the weekend. Amazing.

2014-09-16 09.55.32

And now, for my biggest and best surprise: my husband is a trooper! I was concerned that overwhelm would get to him when that huge stack was to be faced all at once. But he’s doing well – and sorting with pride. When we’re finally done, I’ll post a photo of the number of boxes of the stuff we’re keeping. But even he knows further sorting can be done. In support, I keep the congratulations coming, good Italian food and beer to supplement him, and in general keep taking stuff to e-waste and proper recycling to get that stuff OUT of our house.

I’ve always loved getting rid of things, he has not. So this is great for me, but he says he’s feeling good with what we’ve accomplished so far.

I would love to hear what you think, please comment if you so desire. This struggle of stuff has been something that has been in the background, but stressing me out. I can honestly say that the less I have, the freer I feel. Also, feedback = instant friend.

I hope you’ve been motivated or inspired by even a little of our journey with our former stuff.




3 thoughts on “The Scary Attic Storage: In The Thick of It

  1. smilealong2013

    Congrats on you team effort. It is no small task to be the one who disposes. I think each of you have chosen the job which feel most comfortable doing. I’m not w/a partner so I’m able to say, ater the E-course, let it all go. Ofcourse then I had to dispose of it properly which was no small task. You two are a good team. Enjoy your well earned attic space.

  2. Bruce A. Sorkin

    Yeah that looks familiar. I’d imagine we could create scenes like this all over America. It’s only looking back on it that you think, “what was I doing with all that?” I’m not sure how we collect it all to begin with. Do we ever consciously think that reams of paper will be needed someday? I’ve found things ive stored that were obviously broken. Did I think it would spontaneously repair itself? Now that I’ve discarded most of what needs to be gone I find myself jealously guarding the gates. Email, junk mail and a lot of itemes never make it over the threshold of the house. If I never bring it in the I dont have to decide how to dispose of it later.

  3. Jen

    I’m glad to have found your blog. I’m doing the same thing at our house – getting rid of all the excess. I’m stunned by how how much we have ended up with that none of us really love or appreciate. I’ve sold a lot on ebay, craigslist, and local FB boards, as well as made several trips to Salvation Army.

    Paring down is addictive! I feel so good after getting rid of things that only made me feel guilty when I laid eyes on them – the bowls from my sister that I don’t like the feel of, the misshapen sweater that was too expensive to toss, the wedding gifts I never removed from the box. All gone.


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